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Preserving your bouquet

This is a popular permanent reminder of your wedding day.

Have it professionally dried and framed. The techniques used are usually the secret of the individual floral preserver. Whatever the method the aim is to remove moisture from the flowers to preserve them as a wonderful memory for you.

When choosing a preserver the most important questions that you should ask are 1. How much moisture will be removed and 2. Will the flowers be tinted following the removal of moisture.
The more moisture that is able to be removed the longer the flowers will be preserved.
There are many options for this type of preservation so talk to the professionals.

Cake flowers

Many couples choose to decorate their cakes with fresh flowers instead of bride and groom figures or use both options. Talk to your professional floral designer about what would be a creative avenue . It is a good idea to show them a photo of your cake so they can see what your ideas are then together work out what would be nice to match in with bouquets reception etc. Your other alternatives are icing flowers or artificial flowers.
Another great idea is to dress the cake table with fresh petals or flower heads.

Seasonal list of flowers

The hotter months of the year being from approx November through to Febuary are not a good idea to use roses and most bulb flowers are not available then either. Bulb flowers meaning Tulips, Daffodils, lilac, Iris, Peony roses, Jonquils. These are just a few types of flowers that are not available in the hotter months of Mackay. Those lovely glossy magazines are published in the cooler areas of Australia where all of these beautiful blooms are very readily available.
It is always best to work closely with your florist, communicate your preferences and ideas and he or she will be able to develop this into your theme.
June to September are the more forgiving months as for the heat so flowers last , you last and your guests feel relaxed in all of their attire. Not to mention the poor male side of the party and guests in their very steamy suits but again it depends on the wedding theme you have planned or would like to have happen and the venues etc.
Something to ponder over though.

Who needs flowers

Bride and throwaway for bride, Bridesmaids, flowergirls, buttonholes for men, corsages for women, hair flowers, cake flowers, church or ceremony, reception.

Working to a budget for flowers

Don’t scrimp on your flowers. Flowers are the focal point of your wedding day and regardless of whether you are working with a small  or large budget flowers should be of a high priority as they can provide so much impact for relatively little expense. Allocate at least 10percent of your total wedding day budget to your flowers. The price of your flowers will vary according to the workmanship involved, the quantity of flowers and the price of the particular blooms chosen.So give your floral designer an approximation of how much you wish to spend and work together from there.Don’t be afraid to work with those blooms that are plentiful and inexpensive. That is why it is always best you use a professional as they know how to make the most of what you have to spend. In the long run they will probably end up costing the same or less to create the perfect day for you both.

Delivery of your flowers and bouquets

Delivery times and addresses are of the utmost importance on your special day.So ensure that this is discussed with your floral designer beforehand.
Generally the bouquets  will be delivered approx 2 hours beforehand. They will have been sprayed with water to prevent moisture loss. The boys buttonholes are another discussion to be had as they can be delivered elsewhere or someone is delegated to take them to them usually within the family of the bride. The church and reception flowers will also be set up for you and will be a discussion between your designer and yourself.

Choosing your floral Designer

Allow an hour for your first appointment with your florist and remember to take a colour swatch  of fabric for bridesmaids colour and your gown if you have it so the florist can select the best colour combination.It is important to choose the right  floral designer. Shopping around is not necessarily the cheapest . Choose someone who understands your look and who is professional. Not all florists are floral designers and not all floral designers are wedding specialists. A wedding specialist has specific knowledge and skill to create stunning wedding flowers. Ask to see photgraphs of their work to get an idea of the way the work. Ensure your book well in advance and remember you will have to pay a deposit when you put your order in.

The grooms flower to do list

A lovely thing that the groom and boys in the party may like to do is decorate the honeymoon suite . This is a great idea to just finish the special day off .Talk to your floral expert and they can go to the room and perhaps use petals, candles , a lovely basket of arrangement of cheeses, fruits etc, Balloons and maybe  some naughty little treats. Nothing is impossible .When you walk into the room this is a wow factor.
Or another nice idea is for the groom to send some lovely blooms to the bride the morning of the wedding or even the day before.

Client Testimonials

Shelley, thank you so much for creating our beautiful wedding flower arrangements. They were gorgeous. Many of our guests commented on how wonderful they looked. I was overwhelmed when we entered the dining room to see all the tables set up so beautifully. I appreciate the time and effort you devoted to planning and organising the arrangements, and for your professional and friendly manner. I wish you all the best for the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to friends requiring your services.
Kim Beckinsale

- - - -

Dear Shelley,
We wanted to thank you so very very much for doing such a brilliant and professional job of the flowers for our wedding recently. As we are living in the UK, we had to organise everything from afar. Your prompt and constant email contact made getting the perfect flowers for the day so much easier! Even when we met in person on the day after I landed in Brisbane (very much jetlagged!), you helped me to think through which flowers would suit the wedding and my dress.
On the day, we couldn't have asked for nicer bouquets and corsages! everyone has commented on them and I still love looking at the pictures of them. Thanks again for being so professional and making it all so very easy and carefree!

Mark and Leisa Ashton

- - - -

I would like to take this time to thank you for the excellent service and quality you provided with our wedding flowers. We received an overwhelming amount of compliments from family and friends during and after our wedding. Once again, thank you for your contribution in making our wedding so memorable.
Jackie & Troy

- - - -