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Over the last two years I have been intensively studying interior decoration certificate 4 and early 2007 opened my own consultation business. Previous to this I had my own retail business being a florist so my background in design and colour has been there always. I owned my business for 18 years and since selling decided to begin my study in this wonderful world of interior decoration.I have designed , built, renovated and decorated several homes of my own. Over the years I have been asked for advise from many friends and acquaintances.

My goal in consulting is to create a room or rooms that arranges and styles the space, finishes and furnishings.
I consider personality, purpose, efficiency, comfort and the aesthetics of interior spaces to arrive at an optimum design.
I work closely with the client and endeavour to  reflect their personality.
I can specify furniture, lighting, flooring, colour and fabrics to produce an environment tailored to you.
I have an understanding of the effect of colour and pattern and knowledge on architectural periods.

I, generally speaking, work directly with the person that will occupy the space rather than the other building professionals and have the skill to identify and accommodate the individuals taste.

Interior decorating need not cost the earth. Prior to your consultation it is a good idea to collect anything in particular that you will want in the room and whatever samples and ideas that you like or that are special to you. You may have already made a firm decision on some things and I will help to make the rest of the decisions for you.

It is really about helping you put it all together.

Consultation fee is $80.00 an hour with an initial consultation of  $200